Selecting an ID verification provider

By Chris Morton on March 11, 2015

Selecting an ID verification provider

There are many factors to selecting an ID verification provider. This post goes through the important points to consider.


The amount of time required to engage, negotiate, implement, and verify varies dramatically between providers. Here are the questions to ask.

The time between finding BlockScore and going live can be as short as one day. Legacy providers have rigid business processes that can take up to six months.


The cost of implementing, deploying, and operating an ID verification solution varies dramatically between solutions. The hidden costs of the solution can add up to be significantly more than anticipated. Here are some questions to ask.

BlockScore offers simple, transparent, inclusive pricing with no setup or monthly fees. See the BlockScore pricing page for more information.


The complexity and time to implement a solution varies dramatically between identity verification providers. Here are some questions to ask.

BlockScore provides freely available client libraries, documentation, and a production-equivalent test environment. When you are ready for live access, submit a request and usually get approved within one day. If you only need occasional verifications, our dashboard has a simple graphical interface to perform verifications with zero programming required.

Remaining in compliance

Verifying someone’s identity is the first step, but how do you ensure that customers do not show up on any watchlists now and in the future? Here are the questions to ask.

BlockScore provides a comprehensive watchlist scanning service for US and international watchlists. The service performs initial scans and perpetual rescans at designated intervals to ensure that your business remains in compliance.


As your business expands internationally, you need an ID verification provider that covers the countries in which you expand. Here are the questions to ask.

BlockScore covers many countries throughout the world and never charges for international verifications where no data is available.


Upfront, transparent pricing

Freely available documentation

Simple contract terms

Comprehensive coverage

Try BlockScore for freeReal-time identity verification and due diligence.